Managed Services

We at Allied Globetech ensure the developmental and post-developmental ease of your product by offering services to support your business needs, connecting people, processes, and data vital to your production and manufacturing workflows.

What does Allied Globetech Provide?

We overlook your product from a developmental to matured state. We document the software needs and ensure proper maintenance of your product. Allied Globetech has partnered with partner goods to provide improved simplicity and administration services.

Broadcom API Management

Obtain API design and development tools to deploy new apps and integrations more quickly than ever before.

Axway API Management

Create a developer ecosystem by providing a platform for API discovery, onboarding, and collaboration.

Kong API Management

With Kong API Management technology, you can secure and manage enterprise-level mobile APIs.

Our Framework

Requirement Extraction, Analysis, and Architectural Design

By establishing and documenting the software needs and feasibility elements in a software requirement specifications document, our expert developers suggest a flow of the full software project’s scope. Designers construct a high-level design (HLD) or low-level design (LLD) document that includes SRS document details, feedback, interface relationships, module information, and other important elements.


Building & Coding

Developers create the whole software system by implementing custom-coded modules, compilers, debuggers, interpreters, and other components in a specific programming language, such as Python or JavaScript.

Quality Assurance Testing

To guarantee that the software is reliable, it is deployed in a testing environment where the QA and testing teams find bugs and other flaws, discuss the concerns with the developers, and apply a resolution to the problem.

Development and Installation

Before eventually releasing the software to the production environment for distribution to the proper application marketplace, expert developers, engineers, and programmers perform the last adjustments and changes.

Support and maintenance

Following the deployment of the system, IT support professionals offer IT support and maintenance to ensure that the software system functions in accordance with the specifications contained in the software requirement specification (SRS) document.