Optics & IP

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What Allied Globetech Offers?

Allied Globetech comes with network solutions by offering you transmission services, RF services, OFC services, and professional services. We regulate access to telecommunication facilities and equipment so that carriers can easily interconnect their networks and provide national service to consumers.

Our Solutions

We provide solutions that guarantee enough network capacity as well as network flexibility in order to accommodate rising traffic requirements.

Transmission services

Allied Globetech offers modernized transmission networks, maintenance and system upgrades, capacity management, solution design, engineering, testing, deployment, and operations. 

  • Harmonizing the network routing intelligence
  • Planning and modernization of transmission network
  • Network slicing, paving the way towards 5G technology

RF services

Allied Globetech deals with network parameters like frequency planning, antenna location, tilt of antenna, location, and continuous optimization of the network.

  • Network Optimization
  • Drive Test 
  • Designing
  • Planning 

OFC services

Allied Globetech helps in laying optical fiber cable (OFC) that includes fiber optic splicing, complete testing services, splice loss testing, WDM testing, duct integrity test, connectorization and polishing, trenching, duct proofing, emergency restoration, and areal cabling. 

  • Requirement analysis
  • Design and development
  • Installation and integration
  • Training
  • Support and services

Professional services

Project management, consulting, training, mediation, and any integration or other unique delivery requirements you may have are all part of our professional services.

  • Expert training
  • Expert consultancy
  • Meditation and data transformation services
  • ERP integration