At Allied Globetech, we design, build and operate telecommunication networks by integrating hardware and software to maximize the value of connection.

Why Choose Allied Globetech?

As we know, in cellular networks, coverage and network quality are almost inversely proportional, as increasing coverage reduces network quality. Hence, the major goal of the RF team is to achieve maximum network capacity while delivering acceptable quality of service to consumers. The RF aspect of any network deals with all radio wave aspects such as frequency planning, antenna position, antenna tilt, height, location, and network optimization. At Allied Globetech we provide: 

Revenue and customer management (BSS) & communication services 

Core network & network functions virtualization (NFV), 

Infrastructure, application development and maintenance 

Our Framework

Network Optimization

Cellular networks need regular monitoring and adjustment to ensure that acceptable service quality is maintained throughout the geographical coverage area with no data gaps. The network’s Operation and Maintenance team are in charge of this procedure.

Drive test

It is a way of monitoring and assessing a mobile radio network’s coverage, capacity, and Quality of Service (QoS). The approach entails driving a car equipped with mobile equipment that detects and records a wide range of network radio characteristics in a particular geographical region.


Network planning is a lengthy process with multiple stages. The network planning process’s ultimate goal is to specify the network architecture, which is subsequently constructed as a cellular network. The network design might be an expansion of an existing network or a brand new network. The problem in network planning is balancing all of the criteria while designing a cost-effective network.


Analysis of drive test results, data from OMC, frequency planning, post-optimization of site, site location, antenna tilt, antenna height, power budget calculation, transmission planning, nearby cells definition, coverage area, and many other factors are examined while planning a new site.