The Post-Pandemic Business World Is Looking Cloudy…

By now, if you are even a semi-frequent consumer of information technology – you have probably picked up a basic understanding of what “The Cloud” is. Cloud Computing, Cloud Services, Cloud Storage & Cloud Software are all referring to types of technologies that most of us make use of on an almost daily basis. Examples of cloud technologies that are popularly used include Google Cloud, iCloud Drive, oneDrive, and Samsung Cloud.

The Cloud, in its most basic sense, is an internet-based or web-based computing platform, which can store or host different resources on a remote server (or multiple servers, depending on the size of the resource) that are accessible instantaneously. Cloud Computing has expanded to incorporate a plethora of very useful features – software, services, storage, and is an effortless method of retrieving & sharing data quickly and securely. Based on this, it’s easy to understand why businesses find it particularly useful.

Pre Covid-19, shifting to The Cloud was a lesser-known phenomena for small businesses, since mostly those that had experienced large scale data loss, or had been victims of Cybercrimes (Data Theft, Ransomware Attacks etc) knew the benefit of cloud computing. Businesses preferred having on-site hosting servers, as opposed to internet-hosting servers, because it seemed easier to do. They did not consider the implications of having their only data source being destroyed or compromised. When offline data is lost without a backup – its lost forever.

Enter Covid-19, and many businesses have been forced to adopt some form of major cloud computing technology to continue their organizational processes whilst simultaneously enabling their employees to work from home. The demand for employees to be able to engage and collaborate with each other, attend meetings, and cross-share information has meant an obvious preference for business owners to use companies that provide reliable cloud computing services.

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